Nihon Seimitsu Kikai Kosaku Co.,Ltd.
Company introduction

Head Ofice 2-27-22,Obana,Kawanisi,Hyogo,JAPAN
Branch Tokyo

Our brand 'Leutor' is distinguished as the small power tool in Japan.
Since the establishment in 1938, we have been improving the precise technique to produce parts of clock and cameras.
We applied the precise fabrication technique and produced the handy grinding machine 'the Leutor type 2' in 1954. 'Leutor type-2' became epoch-making product of the users. This small and light tools enable users to use for long time.
Even after that, we have been supplying a unique product in response to the various request of the customers. One of our products is 'the Leutor spindle' that enables the high speed processing of the continuation by the milling machine and MC.