Handy Grinding Tool
"Leutor"is most famous brand in Japan as a precise power tool

Leutor Tool
Carbide cutter, Steel cutter, Micro drill, Grinding stone, Rubber polishing bit, Felt buff, etc.
Chosen tool for Leutor.

Leutor LF-300
Powerful flexible-grinder where we included our original high frequency motor.

Leutor L-JK
Small size grinder which revoluts speed 22,000min-1. Suitable grinding such as the whetstone, cutter.

Leutor L-JB
A belt Sanders of the handy grinder type suitable for precise grinding finish. Can use it just plugging into outlet.

Leutor L-4TP
By using combination angular bearings, L-4TP is few vibrate. Suitable for precise drilling, grinding work using tungsten carbide cutter tool.

 Leutor L-6
Heavy duty grinding use ( grinding stone φ25 ) for small parts. The storong type for all-purpose ( finishing or burring ).

Leutor L-8
Lower rotation speed and higher torque usage. Suitable for the use such as the whetstones ( about φ40mm ) or flap wheels.

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