Power Tool  (for Finishing)
"Leutor" is the brand of Nihon Seimitsu Kikai Kosaku Co,.Ltd.


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 Leutor Tool
Carbide cutter, Steel cutter,
Micro drill, Grinding stone,
Rubber polishing bit, Felt buff,etc.
Chosen tool for Leutor.

 Hand Grinder
"Leutor" is the most famous small
power tool in Japan. Types of tools
can be chosen according to the
usage and practice.

 Micro Motor Grinder
Easy to hold the pencil type, and suitable
for precise fine work.

 Ultra Sonic Polishing
It is optimal with the supersonic
vibration of 16~26KHz to the final
finish of mold and, parts.
Attaching the cutter you could use it
even for the supersonic cutter.

 Micro Bench Drill
This machine is suitable for the precise
drilling work which requires accuracy.
This drilling ability 3mm. BDM type of
higher accuracy is suitable for tungsten
carbide drill.


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