Leutor Mini Eight

Arrangement of 11kinds head units and 6kinds motors give 22types of pencil-type units to meet various applications of work, such as grinding, drilling, sandpapering, grooving, polishing etc.

Power Unit
Standard Unit
Microcomputer control power unit covers all mini eight series drive. Possible the select corresponding to an usage types.
Long Unit
Heavy Unit
Elongate head is suited to the processing of a secluded place and narrow part. Useable tools axis diameter φ6.35.
Angle unit GL
Swing unit
The angle head of 90 degrees. Rotation speed less than 15,000min-1. Suitable for the polish of corner.
Angle unit GLL
Belt Sander
The angle head of 120 degrees. Rotation speed less than 15,000min-1. An endless belt for burr and grinding work.
Angle unit GS
The small size, light angle head of 90 degrees. Rotation speed less than 15,000min-1. Back and forth movement.. Ranges of 0~ 6 mm. Oscillations 200~ 4,200 strokes/min.
Machine installation unit
File unit
The design that easy to attach to the machine is done. The reciprocating unit of a pencil type. Back and forth 1.5 or 1.0mm. Oscillations 1,000~ 8,000 strokes/min.
Deceleration Joint
Between hand-piece and motor decelerate 1/3.8. Use additional torque.

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